Wednesday, September 15, 2010

our new city

lately our new city has looked like this

once we were able to fashion a raft & explore a bit we found a great market...
Central Market, that is

we also discovered pinkberry

we visited the stockyards & decided we must return when we can have a longer visit

 I must go back when this store is open...
those beautiful boots all lined up in a sweet little row saying, pick me! pick me!
much like the apron in California, J says boots don't talk, but I beg to differ

another hopeful stop on our next stockyard date

such a cool sight to see these beauties out for an evening jaunt

this lovely spoke to me with those beautiful, intense eyes
i think we could be friends, she & I

most recently our adventures touring about landed us at this cool joint
an actual house turned coffeehouse
my high school friend Deanna now lives in Dallas so bonus! she joined us!

justin made friends with the locals...anyone surprised?

he had a white chocolate milkshake that was oh so tasty

 Deanna chose the schnozzberry smoothie

all the while I had my eye on this snazzy chair

as well as my chillin' spot for the next time we visit Crooked Tree
the green velvet couch

although, as I took this picture Justin made the comment that it looks like I'm a weird stalker standing on someone's front porch taking a picture of them lounging in the comfort of their own home
kinda does, huh?

oh well. I'm still going back to sit on that couch...
edit... and going back to procure a pair of those fine boots...


  1. This is great, Molly! I love reading your posts. Always so fun and entertaining! Looks like you are enjoying your new residence ~ what an adventure! So glad you guys have been given this time. Love and blessings.

  2. 1) pinkberry looks oh-so-delicious.
    2) boots definitely do talk. tell j i said so.
    3) that snazzy chair is absolutely snazzy.

  3. Yes, but did the schnozzberry taste like schnozzberry? :)

  4. Yes, the schnozzberry DID taste like a schnozzberry!!! It was oh, so yummy! I love that you guys are in Dallas! I can't wait to hang out again soon! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures and beautiful writing, Molly. I wish we could curl up on the couch and chat with some ice cream. :)

  6. I'm kind of obsessed with the goodies in this post...frozen yogurt and white chocolate milkshake....delish.

  7. HAHA! the last pic does look rather funny. I have always wanted to try pinkberry, looks delicious.

  8. hey molly! i like it here :) the pictures of the two of you in your header are awesome too! and guess what? i love donald miller too! i met him once when he came to our school and of course i asked him to sign my blue like jazz copy. anyway, its so nice "meeting" you and now seeing your blog--i will be back!


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