Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and we're back . . .

j & I are still settling into our new home in Dallas
 we have been on an internet vacation...
a time that was part bliss/ part maddening

my aunt took us to one of her favorite restaurants in South Lake
let's just say we'll be back
my sweet cousin Karis & her man
we've always had a special bond
I arrived on her 8th birthday... can you say Best Present Ever?!
we have sampled beverages

experienced new foods

someone suggested I try the above mentioned beverage
Nutty Brewnette... clever

sin on a plate

welcome to eatzi's
this market has a very European feel to it which I dig
you can sample, eat in, take out

I think we did all three!
dear world wide web... I enjoyed your absence, but it's good to have you back
Dallas, I think you're a keeper


  1. i am so jealous of what all you are getting to do! we miss yall very much. Maybe the three of us can come see yall out there! i love you,

  2. I think the 'sin on a plate' pic is one I just might have to commit! It's talking back to me. Looks like you and J are having a good time in Dallas! Miss you.
    Sassy Pantz

  3. lance just lusted over the shiner (it was one of his favs, pre-seminary)... and i just lusted over the sin on a plate... yum. glad you guys are settling in. phone date soon.

  4. How glorious to be back around familiar faces - especially when they are FAMILY! We are so excited for you guys. Hopefully J's work environment isn't as hostile as they were around the California riots. We love you and think/pray for you often.


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