Friday, August 27, 2010

welcoming committee

not too long after our arrival in Dallas we were met by this sweet face...
meet sam
he is my cousin's child &
i think we'll be fast friends

j & i are hanging at my aunt & uncle's house until we get our new digs on Monday
we are quite thankful to live in a city with such gracious family

we met up with an old friend today
i told her i was sorry i had taken our friendship for granted

our first official Texas meal, however, was none other than authentic TexMex
we left full & happy

i think Sam was disappointed he missed out on the TexMex

we are spending these next days taking a much needed rest before J's new job begins next week
so what about you?
what are you up to these days, friends?


  1. I do hope this post will post as I have tried before and it didn't post. I just want you to know I have enjoyed every picture and every place you have been to the utmost, even some I was there in person! Thanks for so many wonderful memories and so much more to come! Love you, Mom

  2. he is such a cutie. Chick fil a is something we all take for granted:) Did you get my email? I am sure you all are just crazy busy.

  3. Hope you guys are getting settle in your new city. We've been busy here too - lots of new things going on. I'll have to share more later :) Love and blessings to you and your hubs!

  4. ok, so i've been meaning to "visit" for quite some time now, and i finally did. and, i must say, i'm blown away by your lovely little blog! looks like you got it figured out - your header is great, your photos amazing, and life - fun! didn't realize you guys were in CA. i reminisced of our time there while reading your stories (have you read DM's newest - "a million miles in a thousand years"? it's been inspiring recently, not only for life, but for my li' blog, that's been quite neglected).
    all that to say, keep on writing, recording, storytelling, and remembering. you will be thankful!

  5. Somehow I missed this post...Sam is adorable, and Texas looks like fun! I would love some Tex Mex myself! You look beautiful, and I am so glad you have family close. How fun! I miss you so much, sweet friend!


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