Thursday, August 12, 2010

to California with love

Dear California,

You have been a very good home to us.

I wish I could bottle up your weather & send it back to Alabama for keeps.

I love the way your wind blows the sweetest {and strongest} breezes along the Bay.

You make outdoor activity in the summer a wonder & not an oppression.

Your views aren't too shabby, either.

You have given us the perfect mix of big city & island living all wrapped up into one.

I cannot begin to name all the wonderful adventures we have shared here within your borders.

I feel we have adapted quite well to life without a car... even when bundling up our groceries.

You make meeting up with friends read like a script in a movie...

See you at Park & Santa Clara around noon?
Your rolling hills dotted with lovely home after lovely home make me think I am in another country.

Why are you so beautiful?

I wish you could be our home for a while longer, but another adventure beckons.

Will you be here waiting for us to visit you again? I promise we will return!

Would you please remember us with the same fondness as we remember you?

We will tell all our friends & family just how beautiful you are.

Although I have attempted to document our days together here on this little blog, your memory will long remain an imprint on my heart.

Indeed, you have been a very good home to us.

Smitten Northern Cali girl

P.S. my humbled gratitude for obliging my request to keep the earthquakes to a minimum.

photo credit tporter via flickr

our new home as of the end of the month
recognize the skyline?


  1. Chicago??

  2. Photos are amazing! Not sure about the tell. Read the comments on my Party Chic blog post...I have an idea for a traveling adventure. :)

  3. So not fair, Molly! How am I supposed to guess what skyline that is? My only guess was Chicago, too. Please confirm or deny. (I loved the post!)

  4. I would accept that kind of weather anytime. I am loving your adventures.

  5. so wish i could have slept on your CA couch. can't wait to hear about the next adventure!! loved our phone date today:)

  6. wow! what a great post! Where are you moving??

  7. DALLAS! When do you go? How long will you be there? I think Nashville to Dallas (or vice versa) might be a Southwest flight...just saying ;)

  8. good job, Val! I was hoping someone would guess it!

  9. Next stop... Dallas!!! YAY!!! I can't wait! See ya soon! XOXOXO! :)

  10. I, too, am thankful to California for being such a good friend to you guys. I have LOVED getting a taste of it myself through your wonderful photos and documentation. So enchanting, to say the least. I know you will miss it. What fun memories!


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