Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 more reasons . . .

 in case you needed a few more reasons to visit us on the West Coast I thought I'd hook you up

you have not had a good cup of joe until you have experienced Blue Bottle Coffee
this company was started by a guy from Oakland
currently the only locations are in the SF Bay Area & then one in Brooklyn

oh, the loveliness that is Miette Patisserie!

they make it quite difficult to choose a favorite
but you can have so much fun trying!

one of the gems of SF

not only is the food ah.mazing, but Tolix, too?!

i really must be dreamin'

i think this was our first fried food since moving from the Deep South
much like the restaurant's decor the food did not disappoint

so there you have it
let's revisit...
Blue Bottle Coffee. Miette Patisserie. Gott's.
come quickly... there's a move on the horizon.


  1. I realize everything is wonderful! it looks amazing, BUT you better bring your cute self back to us soon! I miss you way too much!

  2. You guys are having so much fun! I'm so glad. Thank you for sharing your memories with those who wish you were closer. I'm so thankful you're getting to have this adventure :)

  3. Mols, please blog EVERYday! I love reading about your adventures - I only wish we could join you for them. <3

  4. I am all over Miette Parisserie. Seriously. How divine is that candy bar?


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