Friday, July 2, 2010

welders + Sausalito + a new drink

Happy July to you!
can you guess what week it was in San Francisco?

earlier in the week we found some sunglasses at H&M.
J says they look like we should be welding.
i think they look like we just had cataract surgery.
we decided H&M could keep them.

we departed from SF & boarded a ferry over to the quaint city of Sausalito

we loved this sweet city

 windblown look compliments of the ferry ride

Lappert's lemon sorbet was the perfect companion for our afternoon in the park

fountain of youth
not really... just seeing if you were paying attention

our view of Alcatraz from the ferry on the way back to SF

the classic Golden Gate
{connects SF to Sausalito}

approaching San Francisco with a view of Coit Tower

we ended our day with dinner at Castagnola's at the wharf
bonus: J has a new favorite drink

we were privileged to hear some awesome local comics while we enjoyed dinner
 i think my man could have blown them out of the water
maybe one day I'll convince him to take the stage

it was a day filled with good food, great weather & beautiful surroundings
and maybe, just maybe a little laughter along the way


  1. Oh, I miss you, Molly! I'm glad you are having so much fun with your husband. I love his wind-blown hair. :) With all the beautiful places you've been sharing with us I forgot about all the crazies out there. Enjoy it all. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Molly. You are doing a great job of documenting your adventures, and I, too, am glad you are sharing them with us. (I laughed openly at the sunglass evaluation. I'm still not sure which one of you I agree with more. :)

  3. this is looking like a very wonderful, long, vacation with your love and best friend. Enjoy. REality is sweet too, but not quite so scenic. Love you guys. Are you going to a fireworks show tonight? Happy 4th.

  4. that lemon sorbet looks absolutely divine.


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