Monday, July 26, 2010

random memories need to be remembered, too

palm trees are everywhere

i think they are quite grand & beautiful

speaking of grand... meet the Transamerica Pyramid
the tallest & most recognizable skyscraper in the SF skyline
i love that we can see this beauty from our apt

nearby i found a sweet ride

i think she might be a character with stories & secrets aplenty

afternoon refreshment
one for j & one for me

we celebrated the grand opening of Scolari's Italian Restaurant this weekend
stromboli with bleu cheese fries
in a word, sinful

our California home
 saying goodnight to a beautiful day


  1. You are TOOOOO fun and creative, Mrs. Rigoloso! I agree, the random memories are most definitely note worthy too. And I would most definitely stand patiently with you by that sweet ride to hear as many storied as she would be willing and able to tell :)

    And thank you for all of the sweet and thoughtful comments on our blog. Always so good to hear from you. I need some header lessons ~ yours looks great, as always :)

  2. I reread my comment. Most definitely ignore the typos (i.e. "storied") and the most definite overuse of "most definitely" ;)

  3. so nice to "meet" a fellow palm tree lover! Unfortunately there aren't many up here in WA, even though I'm on the sunny side of the state and our summers are worthy of them, we get the cold cold winters and our beloved palms would not be happy here. your post recalls fond, fond cali memories for me. I hope to live in san diego once again!

  4. it's so fun following your adventure! glad you're sharing it...

  5. oh my, I think I would like to have that ride:)

  6. I just found your blog through Elise Blaha's and I love it! Your posts are so sweet, simple & elegant and reminds me to enjoy each day as a treasure.

    Keep it up! :)

    Ps I'm coming to San Francisco next weekend - look forward to seeing the city the way you do!


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