Saturday, July 31, 2010

Napa Valley

we began our morning with a strong start from Blue Bottle Coffee
you might need to grab a snack, yourself...
i'm gonna take you on a little tour of Napa

we absolutely loved this day & this specific tour had much to do with it

it was amazing to see the vine produce fruit

and to see the fruit go from here...

to here

to here...

and finally here!

let's say, per chance, that you wanted to buy an acre or so to begin a vineyard in Napa
the minimum acreage one can buy & sell in Napa is 40 acres
so a sweet little start-up vineyard is going to run about 10 million
any takers?

the V. Sattui Vineyard was one of my favorites

the scenery was magical

and truly breathtaking

i desperately attempted to soak in every last detail

we did manage to break away from the liquid nourishment to partake in the deli's offerings

and to enjoy these beauties

 J very much looked the part of a wine spectator don't you think?
he swirled his glass with the best of 'em!

meet Amy
she & her husband were on the tour with us
native Texans, they were on home-leave from her husband's job in Cairo
Amy, you were such a lovely Napa companion!
we wish you & yours the very best back in Egypt!

i could have lingered at this table a while longer

but the ferry beckoned us back to our respective homes
i quickly caught this view of a lighthouse turned bed & breakfast
that's got your name on it, Dad!

my favorite man & me in one of the most delightful places on Earth


  1. Looks like so much fun. Beautiful pictures and new experiences. But what most caught my eye was Justin's long sleeves and your little jacket. You would SO not be wearing those back here. :) Looks like a pleasant climate.

  2. I am so jealous!! Beautiful! That is on my list of places to visit for sure.
    love you lots

  3. I would love visiting a vineyard. There are one or two here in alabama, though I'm sure aren't as beautiful as napa!

  4. Beautiful! Ah, I wish we were there with you. I think our wine tour was what made our trip to Napa, too! Love you!

  5. I want to go... (insert best pouty face here)

  6. It does look magical...I am dying to go!

  7. love taking tours! I think I need to make it out west one day.

  8. Oh, wonderful!!! V. Satttui is mine & my parents favorite as well. We have their wine shipped to my parents place in GA by the case. Although, can't say I have had any in 9 months. :) Looks like you both are doing fantastic. Jeremy & I do miss y'all though. Wish you could see the nursery. I think you would be proud of me...tehe! I did the best I could without you. :( Wish we could come visit the west coast!!


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