Wednesday, July 7, 2010

holiday weekend

we began our weekend with dinner at a place on our hit list
It brought back great memories to J of the summer he spent in New Zealand
burgers New Zealand style come with eggs, ham & beets
J said even McDonalds in NZ serves them up like this
different, huh?

the local Alameda parade was very festive
love the old cable car

also in attendance at the parade...
spun sugar goodness

next stop... San Francisco for fireworks
stumbled upon the Federal Reserve on our way

hanging baskets are everywhere
 they make me happy

Vaillancourt Fountain

Coit Tower looking sleepy at dusk

Old Glory

good night, San Francisco
we like you alot


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! That was some burger... :)

  2. Agree ~ The photos were great! What a fun way to spend the weekend. Hope you guys are well and safe.

  3. Fun Fun FUn!!! wish i was with you! love you lots

  4. I giggle when I see photos of you in sweaters! I love you!!

  5. 1) i love your cute grey dress.
    2) i want some cotton candy.
    3) i am totally visiting you.

  6. this makes me remember my holiday to san francisco many years ago
    Jo xxx


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