Monday, July 19, 2010

a good morning

morning companion

good morning, sleepy bay & hazy clouds

good morning, pretty flowers

good morning, San Francisco skyline

good morning, key chain
what a nice reminder you are

how did you begin your morning?


  1. Good morning, snooze button. Good morning, make up bag...I'll see you in the car on the way to work. Good morning, Monday...please be nice to us today.


  2. HEY! So glad you found my blog and now we can keep up with you guys as well. Will pass on the hello and tell Justin the same. Looks like you guys are doing well and enjoying it!


  3. oh and to answer your's usually the 3 year old singing "I'mmmmmmm A-Waaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkke. MommyDaddy I'mmmmmm a Waaaaaaaaaaaake." Love that kid.

  4. Good morning Lord. Good morning love of my life (Keith of course). Good morning new day with no mistakes in it (yet)

    Yesterday, John David running into my room "My T, My T it's morning get up." Good morning sweet John David. =)

    Today, Good morning Molly and Justin wherever you are and whatever today holds for you. We love and miss your hugs and laughter.


good communication is as stimulating as black coffee,

and just as hard to sleep after.

anne morrow lindbergh