Tuesday, June 8, 2010

we built this city. . .

okay, so we didn't actually build this city, but we did cover a good bit of it this weekend!

you can thank me later for the song playing in your head right now.

we boarded our first cable car & headed for Fisherman's Wharf

along the way, we made a new friend.
this was her first trip to the U.S. from her native Japan.
we were the first Americans she met.
she & her boyfriend really wanted their picture made with us. funny.
love the peace sign.

sweet husband who lets me take a bazillion pics of him

next stop...
Ghiradelli Square
we shared a chocolate & caramel milkshake

and it was not good... not good at all...

such a cute store

love the silhouettes

elizabeth W offered some lovely things

this apron said it really wanted to come home with me... J said aprons can't talk

a tea salon... adorable

tea for two

welcome to the crookedest street in San Francisco

also known as Lombard Street

view from the top

and lastly... who can resist a fun red door?

it was a busy day.
it was a great day.



  1. Sweet Molly, I'm glad you guys had a such a fun weekend. I love seeing pictures of places I'm not sure if I will ever see in person. LOVE the tea salon, and Justin should know by now that sometimes aprons (and shoes) do talk. Enjoy some sand and sun for me!

  2. Can you ship 'chocolate & caramel milkshake' to me. Let me know if i should send you my address?

  3. I am SO enjoying all the photographs and updates on how you guys are faring!!

  4. Molly, your mom called me the other night to let me know you had made your way to some of the famous sites in the email. Thank you for taking your friends and family on a photo journey with you! It was so fun for me to be there once again...and you'll find many more things talking out there that never have before...☺

  5. Funny, by the end of your post Starship's magnificent "We Built This City" had been replaced by "Everywhere You Look," that being the theme to Full House.

  6. shut up. you have a whole stinkin' ghiradelli square??? i'm so coming there. get my guest bed ready.

  7. I wish I could just jump on a plane and come see you guys! I miss you so very much! Payton, Tanner and Carter miss you too!!
    Keep up the photos and blog. I am enjoying reading about your adventures!
    Oh, and I agree with Lynn even though I don't know her - please remind Uncle J that aprons and shoes DO talk! Did he forget who he married? :o)
    Kisses to you both!

  8. I miss yall!!!!! i am jealous. Love the fact that J said aprons dont talk!
    love lindsay

  9. OH my dear children, I love seeing your faces. I want to hug you so consider yourselves hugged. Love all the fun you are having and you both look radiant. Keep the pics coming. Love you, T.


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