Saturday, June 5, 2010

right now I am. . .

wishing I had some more of J's homemade guacamole... yum
feeling more at home since I located one of my favorite places under the sun
 excited to spend more time in San Francisco this weekend...
only made it over for a brief dinner last weekend  
loving that this is what the locals do on a typical Saturday morning
wondering exactly how long it would take you to cook your way through 20lbs of rice?
I think it would take me a while...I typically buy the {smaller} one pound bag.
This may be the largest bag of rice I have ever seen.



  1. You're so fun, Molly! I LOVE reading your posts. Happy weekend to you too - love you guys!

  2. oh we really ARE kindred spirits... homemade guac... anthropologie.... the similarities continue.

  3. I would like to rename this post 'Adventures of a Snazzy Blue Purse.' Your thoughts?


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