Monday, June 28, 2010

right now at this very moment . . .

I Am loving life on the West coast
I Have many things to be thankful for
I Wish all the people we love could come visit us
I Want a pair of Tom’s wedges
I Fear losing the people I love
I Hear crows squawk on a daily basis
I Search for shoes that are comfortable for city life, but are still really cute
I Wonder what our children will be like
I Regret the absence of Chick-fil-a in Northern California
I Love Justin Rigoloso with all my heart
I Always fold towels a certain way every.single.time
I Usually fast-forward thru commercials. Dear DVR, you are missed, my friend
I Am Not a fan of scary movies...or techno...or a combination of the two
I Sing like a girl
I Never want to be complacent
I Cry when I’m sad about stuff
I Am Not Always perfect & I am trying to be okay with that
I Need a caramel frappuccino + a local paper + my man. Wonderful date.

All right, friends.
Comments are open and welcome.
Your turn.
Tell me about you.


  1. no chick fil a! thats the only fast food joint we will eat at. not a fan of scary movies either.

  2. I am TIRED, and I want a NAP, but I have to ENTERTAIN my daughter and KEEP my son from eating something dangerous or pulling something on his head. I wish I could EAT all the banana pudding in the fridge and it not make me gain weight. I would LOVE to go to a movie with you this week! ;)

  3. I LOVE this post, giving us more insights into your soul :) and I WISH that you were here to pick out a rug for my living room! (Do you care reminding me of the name of that store you recommended near B'ham?) And I would ENJOY some more of Lynn's banana pudding myself - had some today - delicious! Better yet, to sit down with both you gals (plus T!) with pudding in hand would be MOST DESIRABLE! :)

  4. I MISS you terribly.
    I LOVE my three beautiful children.
    I HATE it when Payton is sad because I can't understand what she is trying to tell me.
    I CRAVE Chic-fil-A and can get it when I want it...sorry!(I will send you a sandwich! HA!)
    I LOOK forward to a great 4th of July with friends at our house.
    I FOLD towels the same way...must be genetic!
    I AGREE with what Lynn said about being TIRED and NEEDING a NAP but having to ENTERTAIN my daughter. I also have to KEEP her from killing her brothers by LOVING on them too much.
    I am READY to go to the beach but am SAD you won't be with me this year.
    I HEAR a bird on my porch on a daily basis! He has built a nest and Payton LOVES it so we haven't had the HEART to take it down.
    I ENJOY watching my baby boys DISCOVER the world around them!
    I THINK your children will be BEAUTIFUL and LOVED...not to mention SPOILED ROTTEN!!! (Just like mine!)
    I LOVE YOU AND J!!!!

  5. great post! I especially love the flowers :) very pretty picture! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a sweet note :)

  6. i actually think you NEED a pair of TOMS wedges...

  7. I WISH i was with you on the west coast!
    I HAVE the most amazing husband
    I AM so in love with my baby boy
    I WISH i had more hours in the day.
    I am in NEED of some new shoes.
    Unfortunately i do NOT fold my towels the same way every time.
    I LOVE scary movies and even trying to force some to watch them with me. : )
    I am MISSING you badly, need some special time with my bf!
    I really SHOULD take a shower right now!

    I love you! lindsay

  8. I MISS Molly and Justin too much

  9. I WONDER what on EARTH you were doing AWAKE at 3:32 AM?
    :) Mel


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