Thursday, June 17, 2010

miss pearl's jam house & jack london square

hello friends.
greetings from Oakland.
{jlb: note my chic about 30 minutes it was around my neck for warmth!}

one of the locals suggested we visit Miss Pearl's Jam House.
seems as though Miss Pearl made it her mission to provide us with some fine concoctions to imbibe.

Don't mind if we do...

jalapeƱo skillet cornbread with honey butter

grilled mac n cheese still bubbling.
i didn't know we could find food like this outside of Alabama.

not only did we find it...
we destroyed it.
and then it was time to take a walk.
so walk we did.

Jack London Square is located along Oakland's waterfront with views of Alameda & San Francisco.


remember this guy?
good ole Jack himself.
J was glad he got to say hello in person...well, kind of.

i suggest you go to Miss Pearl's sooner rather than later.
or better yet...come visit & we'll go together!


  1. You look BEAUTIFUL Molly! Your surroundings do as well. Miss you so!

  2. Molly ~ I agree with Lynn! And you take such fun, creative pictures. Are you a designer or something? ;) I miss you too. Thank you for your sweet blog comments.

  3. Love it! Love you! Glad you're having fun out there! And am I dreaming or did you say you used a scarf for warmth? Remind me not to come visit a place YOU think is COLD!!! :)


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