Saturday, June 19, 2010

He calls me doodlebug. . .

I am my Father's daughter... in more ways than my Mom can count.

Happy Birthday to you, Dad!

Thank you for providing me with a home filled with unconditional love &
 a multitude of happy memories.

I love that you gained a son the day I got married.
I am so thankful for the relationship you & J have.

I love that you are strong, yet gentle.
Manly, but kind. Deep, yet funny.
I love that you work hard & play hard.

You are and always will be one of my very favorite people.

Happy Birthday from the West Coast!
we love you!

A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children...
Proverbs 13v22

{last picture credit w+e photograhie}


  1. Molly, Even though you are miles away,you are with me in my heart. You are the icing on my birthday cake. I am thankful that Justin is a part of our family. I love, Dad

  2. wonderful! love this!! i love having a small peak into the life of the rigoloso's!!!

    ps. i had the craziest dream friday night, but then i woke up and wasn't a dream! i need to call you asap

  3. I love this!!! i know that you were sad you could not be with him on his birthday molly! you are wonderful and i miss you lots.

  4. So sweet! Love you guys!

  5. you two are so fun. happy birthday to your dad!

  6. I am trying to comment here but can't see the computer screen through my tears!
    I love my family!!!


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