Tuesday, May 25, 2010

we made it

Our new city...Alameda, California!
Alameda is an island town {had to throw that in for you, Lynn} nestled in the Bay between Oakland & San Francisco.

The weather is perfect. Pleasant days, chilly evenings.

No humidity...much like Alabama, right?

Justin & Mom reviewing a map of The City before we made our departure.

Thank you, Dad & Mama, for sending us off on this great adventure! We love you & appreciate you greatly!
Our first official meal as city folk at Juanita's.
In a word, delicious.

Quite possibly the best dessert I have ever eaten.
For me, pralines & cream with hot fudge.
For J, chocolate peanut butter with hot fudge.
And whipped cream.
With a cherry on top.


I will be spending time here.

Sweet little shop. Linen napkins. Beautiful cups & saucers. Farrow & Ball.
If you can't find me at Daisy's, I will be across the street at Books Inc.

My man. He's the reason we came to The City.
I love him.
I love that he's reading Sproul in Starbucks in California.
Then he started reading a local paper with ads for free mary jane...for medicinal purposes, I'm sure.He humored me in his new hospital.
Bet he felt like it was the first day of school.
He is my hero.
And I'm really thankful to experience this adventure with him.


  1. Wow! I guess Justin got a travel assignment to Cali! SOOOO COOL. How long will you be there, where are you living, and what will you do while you're there?

  2. such a sweet and precious post!! i'm SO excited for you guys. i guess this explains why i have not heard from you in forev.....

    good thing i mailed you a card yesterday....to northport, al. hmm. :)

    you guys are awesome!

  3. I lurve the Rigos and cannot wait to read more of your adventures in cali. miss you, friend!

  4. Aaahhh!! So fun! I want to go on an adventure, too!! :) I love the sweet, fun shops, and walking everywhere on your quaint little island! Thank you for blogging! I hope you are feeling safe at night. Drink some tea out of an old saucer for me while reading a good book at Books Inc. please. We love and miss you so much!

  5. Brittney WoodhamMay 25, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Molly! I'm so glad you sent that email out, I had no idea you guys were going to California! I'm so excited for you guys, this is going to be an amazing adventure so enjoy every second (please realize while I am saying this I am selfishly excited about ya'll being a step closer to coming home for good...if that's still in the plans!) I love and miss you! Be safe!

  6. Molly & J,
    So excited for y'all!! What a fun adventure. Hope you both enjoy every second!!! :) Sad we didn't get to get together before you all headed west. The town looks amazing. We are embarking on an adventure of our very own...we are 22 weeks pregnant with our first little girl (Raley Isabel). The first 18 weeks were filled with vomit & zofran but I am happy to say that I have turned the corner & am now enjoying being pregnant. She is scheduled to be here September 25th. Can't wait to read about all your adventures on this blog. Love, Jasmine & Jeremy

  7. Hooray! We are so glad to hear that you made it to your new home. Thank you for keeping us posted. I look forward to more updates from you oh-so-fun folks in your adorable town. We love and miss you.
    (And I appreciate that you took a "first day" pic of Justin. Document it all! :)

  8. so excited for you guys! can't wait to hear more! love you!

  9. Molly and Justin, thanks so much for sending me your blog address. I LOVE the PICTURES and will relish each little update (and PICTURES) you post! I talked to your mom last weekend and she said you were doing well. I'm so thankful you are delighted with your temporary home, appreciating the unique beauty of the West Coast. Can't wait to see PICTURES of your Monday adventure! Do you observe a theme here? Ha! Nice camera by the way! Love you both!


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