Saturday, May 29, 2010

take the magic with you

This is the view about one minute from our doorstep. Very nice.

We've been following the advice on J's shirt...
doing what we like
liking what we do.

Tonight we had dinner at Tomatina's.
Half the pizza was five cheese...we knew we couldn't go wrong.
The other half was The Vineyard...
oven roasted seedless red grapes, gorgonzola & mozzarella
finished up with olive oil & arugula.
Very different combo, huh? But oh so tasty!
me + new shoes= happy girl

Remember the old Alameda theatre? It's still in business.
We gave them some of ours tonight.
 This is the sign you see upon your exit.

And here's my man.
I guess this is what you look like when you take the magic with you.



  1. I am officially VERY jealous. Enjoy your magic.

  2. OH my. I can feel the smiles over the internet. I am so glad. Hope each day holds a treasured memory and you leave the fragrance of Christ everywhere you go. Divine appointments are all around you....and good times. Enjoy for all of us and keep the pictures coming. We love it.

  3. love the pics!! What kind of camera are you taking pictures with? They are great! Talk to you this week

  4. Those shoes are stinking cute! And now, thanks to that pic of the scrumptious looking pizza, I'm starving! Miss you.

  5. hi molly (and justin:) got your comment on my blog the other day and followed you on over here... very cute blog! so you guys just moved to CA, huh? we are about to make a move ourselves, to louisville, ky. looking forward to following your little adventures!
    ps... LOVE those shoes.

  6. I love the gorgeous view oh-so-close to your doorstep, your adorable shoes, and the new look of your blog! You guys indeed look happy (and you are lovely, as always, Mrs. Rigoloso :)

    We are loving the furniture set up of our living room. Thank you again SO MUCH for taking that time with me right before you guys hit the road. I am so grateful. Still have questions and wish you were here to answer them. Yes, I will have to resort to sending pictures.

    Love to you and your man!

  7. hello view! love the shoes too, super cute.

  8. Where were these shoes acquired? I must know!!


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