Monday, March 1, 2010

two words

stomach. bug.

So, instead of spending time with this cute little thing...
we spent time here.

Dreadful describes it well.

Thankfully, we survived...but we missed out on partying with a certain birthday boy.
Happy Birthday to you, C!
The Lord bless you & keep you & cause His face to shine upon you...
and keep you stomach bug-free!


  1. SO SORRY for the dreadful bug. Glad you made it through alive. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. Thanks for posting pics of the Jones kiddos. Adorable! What a big, handsome boy Mr. Collins is ~ how fast they grow!

  2. So sorry about the stomach bug! We MUST talk soon!


good communication is as stimulating as black coffee,

and just as hard to sleep after.

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