Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i love...

this man.

and i love that we just celebrated 3 years of married life...with lots & lots of snow...which makes me a happy wife.
i even love him when he does things like this...crossing over slippery, icy logs and scaring the you-know-what out of me...but he's a man...and men do things like that.
i also love this motley crewand this sweet baby boy and his parents {who are also motley}!
oh! can you keep a secret?
soon & very soon we will be leavin' on a jet plane to visit said Motley Crew because someone I know has a birthday coming up...
a big one...


  1. love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps. we need a date.

  2. you are funny - no worries! nice to "meet" you too ;)

    congrats on #3!

  3. So glad to have found your blog through the pearl party!

  4. Molls! I love it! and I love that I can "hear" you reading it to me :) Miss you guys!!!

  5. Happy 3 years!! Great pics and so good to see those other precious families too. Thanks for posting! Love you :)

  6. I have tears in my eyes thinking of past days and all of you being here with us. . . the Crews, the Jones and you two. It is the hardest part of ministry to me...letting go and releasing our loves out into His will for their lives. We miss you all. Mama T.

  7. Loved the party...had a great time, we really miss you two! Wish we could see you more often!!


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