Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy New Year, Happy 2 Years, Happy Renovation

Even though it's now the 17th day of February, is it too late to give a Happy New Year shout? 2009 is officially here and with it's arrival, ushered in many reasons to celebrate at the Rigoloso abode! January 6th marked the second blessed anniversary of the day i became Mrs. Justin Rigoloso! The day i married my best friend and the love of my life! Here's to you, J...you make life fun, yet you give it depth. I never knew I could love like this! I'd like many more anniversaries with you, please!

Not too long after our anniversary we began kitchen renovation on Easton Lane...our beloved home. Did I mention that I caught our kitchen on fire before Thanksgiving and we are just now recovering the aftermath? Oh, right...so I caught our kitchen on fire! Reluctantly, I give you a picture that documents that glorious event...

Thankfully, the insurance folks were a dream as were our dear friends, Wes & Meag. We only had to replace the flooring and paint. (The cabinets and appliances survived, as did we, with minor damage). Operative word: only. Who knew laying tile was so labor-intensive?! Granted, HGTV is television and they have to make everything look uber-easy, but did yall know they are liars?! Needless to say, my stove and fridge are now back in their rightful places after nearly a month of "only" having to replace the floor...and paint. This weekend we may have our washer and dryer back in the laundry room instead of their temporary housing in our garage. Here's hoping! The positives of catching the kitchen on fire are as follows:

1.I do love my new kitchen...I will post pictures when the project is complete.

2.My sweet 2 year marriage withstood the first major home renovation...although J said (and I quote), "No more projects for a long time!"

3.We have realized all over again how blessed we are with friends who came quickly to our aid and went above and beyond to help lighten the load...you know who are you and you are loved beyond words.

4.Only a few more days (hopefully) of using beach towels after showers...but thank goodness we have them!

I look forward with great anticipation to the rest of 2009...to sharing what each day brings with J, our family, our friends who are like our family. We truly are blessed, kitchen fire included, to have been given Life...may we live it gracefully...and with no more projects for a long time!