Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Buddy

So here's an interesting fact about my husband and me...we are both only children by birth. J has a stepsister that we love dearly...i hate the word {step} for she is truly his sister and very much a part of our family! Other than Jessica, we have had to adopt friends into our lives to serve as {future} aunts & uncles for our {future} children. My family is quite large, but nothing replaces the connection you have with close aunts and uncles who love you like crazy and spoil you rotten!

Meet Herreson.

He is not family by blood, but he is family none the less! His parents are two of our closest friends who really have become family to us. We have been adopted by them into their respective families and are truly greatful for the impact they make on our lives.

J calls Herreson his Little Buddy. I love to see J get so excited to hang out with this sweet little boy. It seems like yesterday Herreson was born and now he is crawling everywhere! Linds & Robbie, you have no idea how thankful we are for you and for your family. We love you so much and love our Little Buddy beyond words!

Herreson ate noodles at Nana Lil's for the first time...I have a feeling it won't be the last!


  1. precious! so thankful for you guys!

  2. pretty pictures! I like how they are on an angle.


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