Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Justin's response to "This Internet Fad"

A lot of people have asked me why I am not a big e-mailer or why I am not into FaceBook or MySpace. I'm just not a big computer guy. My Mom did tell me today that "the Net" is a great way to keep in touch, kind of hard when you get computer tips from your Mom.
In fact this is the second time I have attempted to write this. I just had all this awesome stuff to say; and I just erased it. And now I can't remember what I had just typed. And now my fingers really hurt. And I don't know the number to Tech Support. Thus my distrust of all things computer.
E-mail for me is a confusing place, great letters mixed in with ridicoulus forwards, offers from a Tanzania millionare wishing to award me $10 Million dollars (wouldn't $10 Million Tanzanian dollars be like $40 American dollars anyway) and offers to "enhance my Tool." This to me is odd, the drill I got from last Christmas works just fine; and how do they know this anyway?


  1. Rigo - oh how i do love your post!
    Please keep posting - it is really not that bad! I am glad Molly and I are friends now because we won't have to wait around for you and Wes to hang out - we can just plan it ourselves! Keep up the great work on learning to navigate "the net!"

  2. Ok - so obviously I love to leave comments - Molly - You need to post some pics of your latest projects you are working on - I want to see some pics of the B'Ham project!!!

  3. haha! This is too funny! I won't tell JC about your disdain for the internet. He would scold you for sure. ;-)


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